My name is Juan Haladjian and I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich headed by Prof. Bernd Brügge.

Research Interests

I conduct research in the fields of wearable, mobile and ubiquitous technologies, activity recognition, human-computer interaction and software engineering. Please visit my publication page to find out more about my research.

Brief Bio

I was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Barcelona when I was 17 year-old where I obained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science at the Pompeu Fabra University with honors and an award to the highest grades of the 2009-promotion. I then moved to Germany where I studied Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich with the financial support of a fellowship from the Fundación Caja Madrid. In 2011, before finishing my Master program, I met Prof. Brügge at a summer school, who offered me to do a Ph.D. at his research group. I obtained my doctoral degree in software engineering with a focus on ubiquitous technologies and human-computer interaction in 2016 with suma cum laude. Driven by different exciting research ideas I could not finish during my Ph.D., I decided to stay for three more years at the department and pursue a Habilitation (the highest degree attainablein Germany). During my professional career, I obtained different awards and published my research at top scientific conferences.

Find me on…

Please check out also my academic website at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. You can also find me on Google Scholar, LinkedIn and Github.